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Hot Selling – Led String Lights

Hot Selling – Led String Lights

LED copper wire string is becoming more and more popular in the market. Compared with the traditional LED light string, LED copper light string has following product features:
Small size, 360 degree light with high brightness; easy to carry, can be made into different crafts to meet the different needs like the Home Furnishing indoor decoration, swimming pool party decoration, wedding decoration, holiday party or seaside camping.

LED copper wire lamp string is powered by low-voltage power supply, there are a variety of different styles of portable dry battery box, USB rechargeable battery box, solar power supply, transformer power supply. The power supply voltage is much lower than the human safety voltage 36V.
LED copper wire string heat is also very small, even after 48 hours of continuous work, the child will not feel any discomfort if touch accidentally. It’s very very safe!!!