1. “rebirth” mushroom lamp

The mushroom lamp of “rebirth”Designer: Shi Guofeng

The mushroom lamp of
The mushroom lamp of “rebirth”

The mushroom lamp of “rebirth” is the graduation design of Shi Guofeng, the 2016 graduate of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her inspiration is from the material “Bone China”. The bone china is composed of herbivores, ashes of clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic material, clay after thousands of degrees of experience and become hard and white porcelain. Because have love umbrella fungus, Shi Guofeng through to a large number of materials on fungi, growth and bone porcelain firing process found the mushrooms with similar meaning, they have “turn bad into good” power, rebirth after suffering.

2. Open Space series sculpture lamps and lanterns

Open Space series sculpture lamps and lanternsDesigner: Morgane Tschiember

Open Space series sculpture lamps and lanterns
Open Space series sculpture lamps and lanterns

The Open Space (open space) series, designed by the French artist Morgane Tschiember, consists of fluorescent tubes and concrete structures, and the two parts together create a form of cold light. Each piece of work is very attractive, and according to the observation way and observation angle changes, the perspective of the work will also change. The three-dimensional structure is juxtaposed with the surrounding environment, thus touching the geometry related topics, the contrast between two and three dimensions, and the idea of filling holes with light. Using this series of works, designers continue to explore the transition between different dimensions, and the ways in which different dimensions are interrelated and linked.

3. ELVIS wall lamp

ELVIS wall lampDesigner: Sushant Vohra

ELVIS wall lamp
ELVIS wall lamp

This Sushant Vohra brought by the ELVIS wall switch is very interesting, it does not have the traditional sense of the switch design, but the light itself is the switch. The utility model is overlapped by two pieces of bent panels, and when the lamp is turned on, the outer panel can be gently pushed upwards, and the middle hollowed out parallelogram can provide brightness for you. Thus, the designed light intensity is skillfully adjusted into different distances, and the light intensity is distinguished. The brightest can accompany you to read a file, the weakest used as night light. The outer panel is made of soft plush material and is very comfortable when pushed.

4. Full moon light

Full moon light

full moon light
Full moon light

Full moon lamp takes the artistic conception of the moon. It is made of solid wood and LED lamp. It is designed as a “moon lamp”, and a bright moon is accompanied by a green tree picked by hand. The light night can also have a warm poetic flavor. A high brightness LED light is embedded in the middle of the lamp. The lights are very soft. Unexpected detail design: the inner side of the full moon lamp has a hole for planting. A branch with my, can make this simple night light is full of vigour.

5. Forest exhibits fairy tale lamp carvings

Forest exhibits fairy tale lamp carvingsDesigner: Nacho Carbonell

Forest exhibits fairy tale lamp carvings
Forest exhibits fairy tale lamp carvings

The Spanish artist Nacho Carbonell for the first time to showcase his latest unconventional lamp sculpture, this exhibition is named Forest Nacho Carbonell, covers a series of iconic works, sculpture is the practicality of the organic light and fresh of “fairy tale” fusion. The artist produced a unique form of gypsum by Nacho Carbonell – with sand is used together with the invention of textile curing agent, and then surrounded by a steel bracket, created a series of supernatural, charming sculptures, cleverly set art and design a. Loosely structured sand, the mesh of color forms a transparent lampshade around the bulb, giving the light a warm and soft glow through the lampshade.



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