Smart living has become more and more popular nowerdays. One of the pioneers in the LED lighting industry is GE, a famous traditional LED manufacture in US. The smart LED light they have proposed not only has the normal functions of color changing, brightness adjustment by App, but also can chat with you, broad the weather report to you, and, even tell a joke for you.

Amazon EchoAlexa

Amazon Echo has been sold out for more than 5,000,000 pcs, which is a guarantee for the selling of it’s platform. It sells so good that it pushed GE to develop new products to compete. Then, in Dec., they worked with Amazon and published a new LED desk lamp, which combined the functions of Alexa.

Although it is modern and stylish, GE did not name it as cool as it looks. They simply categorized it to GEC series LED lamp. Its functions are similar with Amazon Echo, with built-in mic peak which receives the voice signals from the users and the speaker which is used to reply.

The reception and reply are functioned by timely network. Users can start this function just by calling ”Alexa “. No need to switch.

At the same time, it is reported that, GE were deeply inspired by Amazon Echo, and, they want to add Amazon Echo to the LED lamp! It caused numerous doubts after this declaration: For people who already have an Amazon Echo at home, will they buy one more GE LED lamp? They just want to take a lift, don’t they? However, for people who are living in Hong Kong, Amazon Echo is not seen very often. Maybe GE LED lamp is more useful, and it will be worth considering to own one.

GE LED Lamp Alexa

So, there is something to sell this year!

The same as Amazon Echo Alexa, the GE LED lamp Alexa assistant has the functions of clock, too. Users can also make it read the newspaper, broadcast the weather report, tell a joke, and play music. Moreover, users can use it to control some smart equipment in the house which are compatible with Alexa by GE LED lamp Alexa.

This LED lamp GE is currently showing is only a prototype. However, according to the official website, the final version will not be too much difference with this one. And, GE plans to publish it in the second quarter of 2017.



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