Wireless? Portable? What is it? You might have such questions in your mind when you first see the tile. Is it the solar flash light in the film ” From Beijing with Love “? No! It is not image in imagination, but a real product product that is convenient to use.

Portable: easy to use anywhere.

Let’s imagine: There is an important festival or Memorial Day coming soon. However, you have forgotten it. You can not let your home what it be, or you are dead meat. What to do?

Copper Wire String Lights

Then our portable LED string lights will help! They are so easy to carry and install and they help for a quick decoration to your home. It helps to keep your secret for your mistake.

The most romantic use: Giving surprise to your other half.

They are portable, easy to carry and install. When lighted up, they create a fairy land, which helps for a successful propose or expressing love.

Product features:
Bright and fairy. The copper wire is easy to bend or shape. So, it is easy to be twined around a bottle or any other objects. It is widely used in Christmas decoration, Halloween decoration, New Year decoration, Valentine’s Day decoration, party decoration, camping decoration, picnic, and so on.

It is low price. It is the best partner for wedding decoration. It can be installed in Christmas tree, living room, bedroom, stairs, courtyard, garden, and so on. It is used anywhere you think up, add a festive and charming touch.

The main features are: echo friendly, low temperature and power consumption, low voltage, multifunction, long lifespan, wide application for both indoor and outdoor.

Copper wire string lights
Copper wire string lights

Portable. Easy to use everywhere.
Portable. Easy to use everywhere.

Moreover, the strings can be made to various shapes. They are also added to some crafts to create a new product. Whenever you touch the lights and strings, it is low temperature, flexible, easy to install, safe to use. Suitable for the young and the old.



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