Today Well Faith introduce a product from Beijing, “light lite”, it is a “atmosphere light”, but its function is not only used for the atmosphere lighting, which includes temperature, humidity induction, storage, potting function, lighting Mode selection, but also kinds of potted plants, as the alarm clock, speakers and so on.

Appearance: strong sense of science and technology

Pure white appearance
Pure white appearance

Pure white appearance, so that the shape of a bit like an egg shell, with a strong sense of science and technology. Shell front and rear through, the middle position has a groove, can be used to place pots, or as a pocket, whole body curve smooth rounded, the top is the LED light source. The use of double-layer shell, a solid reduction in the fall when the internal parts of the shock.

Pure white appearance
Pure white appearance

Temperature and humidity and time display: updated every five seconds

Shape like an egg shell
Shape like an egg shell

The display shows temperature, humidity, and time. Every five seconds to replace the display content, the left is the humidity, the right is the temperature, both sides together to show the time. The temperature test range of 0-50 degrees, humidity test range of 20% -90%. Temperature and humidity is the basic data for taking care of plants.

Shape like an egg shell
Shape like an egg shell

Light mode: tap the body can be adjusted

Through the tap body switch or adjust the light mode, provides a way to control without App. And in the mobile App more selective choice, it is through the analysis of psychological heart rate and color psychology, scientific ratio of five light mode, as well as sleep mode, set the time, the lights gradually dark out.

Want to plant with plants? Watering reminds you most!

App part of the water also has a reminder function, no longer worry about plants will die. There is also a “plant care curve” for reference. But it should be noted that the curve does not represent the growth of the state of the plant, can only see you attention to it.

Alarm function: natural sound for ringtones

The selection of the sound from the sea, the natural sound of the mountains as a ringtone, ring from low to high sound, not very abrupt, with the gradual wake of the light, so that you wake up from nature every day. Although the bell melody soft, but on the bed and the sound volume is large enough, then with the light, but also enough to wake up.

Bluetooth speaker function: sound quality in general

Users can use it to play any music in the phone, but the sound distortion is more obvious, because there is no bass, feeling more wandering, but for want to relax, listen to light music, which is a good function.

Light password teaser: send love secret language

This is a unique function of the product, through the phone to draw the secret language, sent to each other, the other received the secret language, through the scanning language to decrypt, the phone interface from the halo to reproduce the secret language rendering process. This will bring the love of people not the same warm and fresh experience. But the premise is that both people need to have a “light language lite”.



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