Open space conducive to dialogue and communication, but also means that this person lost private space, all acts are exposed to other people in front. And this use of the felt of the LED office isolation lighting, you can directly separated the room, to provide users with a small space, but also the role of lighting, can be described as both beautiful and practical.

Leaning on the old door
LED Felt

Felt LED Office Isolated LightingMICHAEL

The open working environment, both in foreign countries and Hong Kong, is becoming more and more common. But sometimes people can not keep a focus on the state of work, it is difficult to effectively protect the privacy. But it will give an easy to communicate the work space, easy to engage in the creation of the industry, but be careful to even talk about what to pay attention to it!

Leaning on the old door
Partition with a light

For this reason ,recently there are foreign designers design of a partition with a light, both sides are equipped with LED lights, you can at the same time for both sides of the user to provide a stable lighting.

Leaning on the old door
Stable lighting

Leaning on the old door
Recycled PET bottles

It is made of use of recycled PET bottles, not only soft texture, has a strong adsorption to sound .So, to a certain extent, can reduce the noise interference.



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